I Hope I Can Get All These Cookies Aligned Just Right Below Each Star

The rock layer shifted and rippled, contracted and parted. Words made themselves seen across the milky surface, words unknown known and words known.

A man stood in front of the white obloid. A man spoke with the man, but the man was not.

- "Can you hear the noise across this gate?" - The man asked. - "Of course you can. Your heart belongs to this land."

The man did not respond.

The property, once in the clutches of an unseen Foundation, was now empty. Almost empty of all humidity, too. The empty halls of their containment building echoed with the names of the nameless. Once, a face dressed in white gray clothing may have stared down the green fields, bathing in daylight beneath the blue sky. But there is now no face and no white gray labcoat, and the fields are no longer green for there is no one else to see them, and the sky is no longer blue.

- "Do you think… Do you think He will welcome me?" - The man asked.

The man did not respond.

- "Ma'am, receiving new signal. Comin' from… Maine, Camden." - Said a different man, very far away.

- "If it's a voice, try repeating what it says. When you're done, decode Emergency Order Patmos-Alpha." - Responded a woman dressed in green. She was confident the enigmatic devices of her Foundation would filter all harmful hazards possibly embedded in a transmission. Should a bot find anything wrong with the man's voice, the communication would be instantly severed.

Such are the perks of hiding inside a bunker before the world ends.

- "It says… Wait a minute, I can't hear it very well."

The woman did not respond.

Silence. Silence. Silence.

- "Ma'am…" - The man came again.

- "What, Paul?" - Responded the woman, already stressed and now exasperated.

- "The stars are dancing. The heavens weave and the soil spirals. It grows it grows it grows…"

- "STOP! Stop, Paul, stop right now!" - She screamed, and covered her ears for she knew it was true.

The bridges keep growing across these tunnels, tunnels of long fleshy particles beneath the dark and above the garden

- "Please, before it's too late"

and every dream shall turn to dust for one of yours to see the light beyond the sea where our mothers rest; do not despair for the gates open and come riding the endless darkness that keeps eating and eating and you shall be eaten and it grows it grows it grows it grows it keeps growing as time departs and the corpses of mannequins and dead men pile up

the travellers shall climb up this pile and step in each empty eye socket but let it spin and spiral as there is nothing there.

- "Paul, please…"

My name is not Paul.

Sixty five and thirty four masked faceless men sat in a garden, around a massive, white, inorganic, obloid growth extending throughout a small field near Dodge City, Kansas.

- "Quote, the events of the K-Class "End Of The World scenario" are currently described as ongoing, although the events have not begun in SCP-4753, end quote." - Said one, and the rest chuckled.

- "Let us become nothing with the void now; it has been long enough." - Said the oldest as the chuckling faltered.

- "A while more, please." - Said the youngest. - "I still want to see the stars for a bit more. I am not ready to join my voice with the chorus of angels."

As of [REDACTED] SCP-4012 continues to grow beyond its prior limits, at a rate of 1km2 every two hours. It encompasses the entirety of North America, and segments of Europe, Asia, and Central America.

- "We can't wait for you any longer, dearie." - Said a woman while caressing her son's masked faceless face. - "Just step into the gate when you want. We'll be waiting for you."

Foundation Sites 19, 17, 33, 57, 83 and 22, among others, have been incorporated into SCP-4012, and are considered normal.1

Foundation buildings and personnel lost within SCP-4012 have not been sighted since.

And a horde of faceless masked humans stepped through the white, obloid gate.

And life goes on as normal.

And life goes on as normal.

And life goes on as normal.

And life goes on as normal.

And life goes on as normal.

And life goes on as normal.

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