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Item#: 4831
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Special Containment Procedures: zzz

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 2 meter tall by 1.5 meter wide metal door located within the abandoned Aldwych underground station in London, England. When opened, SCP-XXXX leads to an extradimensional space1, consisting of a 3 meter long hallway, ending on another instance of SCP-XXXX. This secondary SCP-XXXX subsequently leads to a tertiary instance. As of writing, SCP-XXXX-A is believed to continue indefinitely.

When closed, sounds with sufficient volume trespassing SCP-XXXX will have a reflection akin to a larger space than expected, estimated at 503 meters. It is currently believed that, when SCP-XXXX is closed, its backside is connected to a different extradimensional space2 than when opened. Viewing SCP-XXXX-B has been impossible, as SCP-XXXX blocks all known methods of imaging.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in 2001, following reports of unknown voices speaking somewhere within the Aldwych station. To date, no evidence of the existence of these voices has been found.

Early blueprints for the construction of the London underground system show SCP-XXXX used as a bathroom. However, final construction plans do not show the platform in which SCP-XXXX is located, nor SCP-XXXX itself.

No reports of SCP-XXXX exist before the abandonment of the station in 1994.

Addendum XXXX.1 - Incident 1:

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