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(fig 1.1) Bridge connecting SCP-4492-A and SCP-4492-B.

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Description: SCP-4492 are two unnamed islands1 located 10 kilometers west of La Serena, Chile, being 2.3-hectare (0,023 km2) and 235-hectare (2.35 km2) respectively.
SCP-4492 was populated from August 1999 to September 2007, under a project by Walt Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products Inc. to construct a Walt Disney-themed amusement park. For this purpose, both islands were acquired by Walt Disney Parks from the Chilean government at U$D 43.000. Amusement park installations were in construction from January 2000 to August 2002, when the project was deemed unprofitable for unknown reasons. It is currently believed that the 2001 economic crash in Chile influenced this decision.

SCP-4492-A houses a small town, equipped for the habitation of 200-member crew that would run the island's shops and transport systems, and a small ferry terminal, planned to be expanded once the park opened. A bridge (fig 1.1) was built to connect SCP-4492-A to SCP-4492-B.

SCP-4492-B houses the amusement park itself, consisting of a variety of buildings and rides in varied states of completion. A few of these buildings are are;

  • A 94-meter high figure-8 rollercoaster, without a functional train.
  • 4 carousels of varying characteristics, of which two are functional.
  • A three-story haunted house, of which only the first floor was completed.
  • Two five-story luxury apartments, finished.
  • A love-tunnel boat ride.
  • A maintenance building, housing the park's generators and backstage.
  • A number of apartment buildings for staff.

The anomalous properties of SCP-4492, if any, are currently unclear. Investigation is currently ongoing.

Addendum 4492.1 - Discovery:

SCP-4492 came to the Foundation's attention during 2010, after the Argentinian YouTube channel named "QuatroPuntos"2 began uploading a series of explorative videos, centered on abandoned places. These videos were titled "La Verdad Detrás"3, followed by a location name, and lasted between 5 minutes to 2 hours.

For the series' 10-episode special on October 13th 2010, the anonymous channel owner promised to travel to SCP-4492, nicknamed "Islas del Tesoro"4 by his fans, to produce a 3-part episode exploring it. A month after, the QuatroPuntos team traveled to SCP-4492, and uploaded the first part, consisting of preparations and certain cuts of the trip itself, atop a small cargo ship apparently hired to drop the team for three days on the islands and return them home.

However, the following parts of the exploration were not uploaded, and the channel was deleted two months after the last upload, leading to speculation regarding SCP-4492. An amateur investigation ran by channel fans failed to find the identities and location of the QuatroPuntos team, but succeeded in encountering the cargo ship they used, halfway sunk in Cape Horn, the southmost point in Chilean sovereign territory. The ship's owner and crew could not be traced. No further non-Foundation explorations were conducted on SCP-4492.

Following the spread of rumours regarding SCP-4492, and the inability to locate the QuatroPuntos team, Mobile Task Force Delta-45 ("Triangulators") was deployed by October 27th, on SCP-4492-A's ferry terminal, for preliminar exploration and assessment of possible anomalous properties.

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